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*   Server Manager
The Mass Frontier application includes the Mass Frontier Server Manager, a stand-alone application for management and administration of libraries on a Microsoft SQL Server relational model database server. Using the Server Manager, you can access libraries over a computer network. The SQL Server stores libraries that you can access from individual instances of the Mass Frontier application. Using the Server Manager, you create, install, remove, delete, import, convert, back up, and restore spectral and fragmentation libraries in one location for all instances of the application.
You can create libraries only on the same computer where the SQL Server is located. For example, if your SQL Server is located on a network computer, you cannot create a library on your local computer.
To access the Server Manager from the Mass Frontier main menu, choose Library > Server Manager. This menu item is accessible only if the Server Manager application is installed on the same computer as the Mass Frontier application. If the Server Manager is installed on a network computer, you must start it from this location.
For a complete description of the features in the Server Manager window, see Library Utilities.
Server Manager window

  Using the Server Manager
  Using the Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express Edition
  Using the HighChem Spectral Tree Library
  Managing Library Records in the Database Manager
  Searching Chromatographic Libraries

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