HighChem focuses on developing mass spectrometry solutions that enable chemists, medicinal scientists and biologists to turn complex analytical data into useful answers. Mastering the fragmentation prediction on an advanced level, HighChem Mass Frontier™ is the undisputed worldwide leading software for the interpretation, management and processing of mass spectral and chromatographic data in the area of small molecules. In addition to desktop solutions, HighChem develops library and cloud systems, and builds large data collections of fragmentation knowledge, experimental spectra and organism specific biochemical data that are indispensible in modern pharmaceutical, metabolomic, forensic and environmental applications. Our goal is to make the inherently difficult tasks of compound identification, spectra interpretation and chromatogram deconvolution simple and understandable in order to open doors for a wide spectrum of scientists to new emerging fields.

Mass Frontier

HighChem Mass Frontier™ is a world leading software package for the management, evaluation and interpretation of mass spectral and chromatographic data. With its advanced algorithms, extensive libraries and superior graphical user interface, Mass Frontier is capable of solving analytical problems in a wide range of applications including metabolomics, forensics, environmental, natural products, impurities, and degradants research.

mzCloud is a new concept of mass spectral database that aims to assist analysts in identifying compounds even when they are not present in the library. mzCloud features a freely searchable collection of high resolution/accurate mass spectra using a novel spectra correlation algorithm. mzCloud represents a monumental, community-based effort that aims to collect a comprehensive library of high quality spectral trees to improve the structure elucidation of unknowns in fields such as metabolomics, toxicology, environmental sciences, and the food and beverages' sector.